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VIP Chart

VIP $3.00USD VIP Plus $5.00USD
Colored Name
Sign Artist
Skin Changer
Faster Smelting
One-Time Welcome Kit
Two Extra Home Locations
Colored Name
30 Daily Teleportations
VIP Kit ✔ Basic ✔ Enhanced

Available Kits

Kit Name Command Description Image
Welcome Kit /kit wvip

Blueprint Table, Workbench, Bed, Small Furance, x10,000 Wood, x8,000 Stone, x800 Metal Fragments, x100 HQM, x200 Sulfure Ore, Supply Signal, x2 Large Chests

VIP Kit /kit vip

Bag: Camp fire, Construction Plan, Construction Hammer, x25 HV Pistol Rounds, x50 Pistol Rounds, Silencer, x10 Cooked Wolf Meat, x5 Cooked Fish Meat, Filled Water Bottle, x2 Anti-Rad Pills, x2 Sleeping bags, Meat Cleaver

Arm: x4 Bandages, x3 Medical Syringe, Metal Pickaxe, Metal Axe, Pistol, MP4

Wear: Sign Chest, Sign Kilt, Balistic Helmet, Camo Pants, Jacket, Boots

VIP+ Kit /kit vip2

Bag: x2 Sleeping Bag, Bota Bag, x71 Shotgun Shells, x64 Shotgun Slugs, x92 HV Rifle Ammo, x96 Explosive Rifle Ammo, x10 Canned Beans, x20 Cooked Fish Meat, x10 Anti-Rad Pills, x5 Large MedKits, Supply Signal, Scrap Sword, Laser Pointer, Red Dot Sight, Camp Fire, Construction Plan, Construction Hammer

Arm: Bolt Action Rifle, x10 Medical Syringe, Metal Pickaxe, Metal Axe, Shotgun, Assult Rifle

Wear: Metal Chest, Bandage Gloves, Metal Face Mask, Camo Pants, Hoodie, Boots

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All transactions are handled through CrackedGameServers.com via CGS-Host.

All VIP purchases are final, any reversals filed will result in a ban from the website, discord, and in-game. Purchases are considered a donation and all proceeds go to into a pool and is used to pay for our website, servers, and plugin fixes.

Any misconduct preformed while using VIP can result in the removeal of your VIP without a refund. Please make sure when using SignArtist you keep it PG no 18+ or nude pictures are allowed, this includes anything that might offend a specific race. YOU ARE NOT EXEMPT FROM THE RULES!

If you need any help in regards to your VIP please contact a admin either on Discord, or on this forums.

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