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Well does it worth ? i havent seen any activity more than 20 ppl ats time online on these servers , so i came to ask the community for some questions .

is there any activity at all ? about how many ?
are there hackers ? allowed ? banned ? this will come to 3
are there even any admin / gm activity ?
and last is it updating ?

thats all folks i'd appreciate some answers seems im new here at rust and all , i'm also a poor hobo that lives in a yard outside of a gas station but thats ok , biggest struggle thought is when i need a bath and i do use gasoline instead of water . anyway i can handle this  :P

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Hey @clavicula.nox69,

Well if its worth is up to you LOL but the playercount jumps between 20-40ppl on modded #1 https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/rust/1031364

I mean there is always some activity its never lets call it "dead". 

Are there hackers allowed ? LOL yes totally, NO!. Are there hacker sure you will see them on alsmost every Multiplayer Game, but we do our best to keep it clean.

We are always on the latest Rust update, also admin are active for fast support join out discord 

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