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Guest jamesbowers

Closed I hate to admit that Days Gone is pretty dire game.

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Guest jamesbowers

After 15 or so hours, I have to admit: All those official reviews had it right; great visuals, bad game.

Days Gone is just anti-fun. With iffy gameplay, masses of bugs, and clumsy shooting mechanics. Which don't get any better as you buy perks.

Few examples:

1. Towns do not sell missions critical items. So, if you need to burn down zombie nests with molotovs, you spend ages searching for crafting materials for those molotovs.

And that's pretty big fail given that half the map takeover missions are about burning stuff down. (and for some reason small fuel cans cannot be blown with shooting so you cannot use them as emergency molotovs...)

2. Desipite having 40GB update, the game is still filled with game breaker bugs that force you to reload last save whenever you encounter them. Which is pretty often.

3. Full tank only lasts few miles, even with tank upgrades. And you realize this is a real problem when you notice you cannot fast travel without fuel.

Yeah. No fuel, no fast travel. So, if you run out of gas, you have to walk your bike back to civilization. Thru enemy infested areas full of wolves, bandits and zombies. Ouch.

4. Shooting is bad, and dont get much better with perks. When you pull aim, the hero does not even aim at where you were pointing the camera. This makes shooting in combat very difficult, I can tell you. And, no there is no auto aim.

5. Item wheel is iffy, as it tends to flip gear around if you keep the item wheel pulled fraction of a second too long. So, every time you want to use molotov, smoke bomb or whatever from the wheel, you have to make doubly sure you are pulling the right item. And since time does not stop when item wheel is in use, this means you really do not want to swap gear/weps in combat.

6. It takes ages to get settlements like you enough to sell you good quality items. And when you finally do unlock the shop items, you'll realize the settlements each have their own credit. So, credit you got in settlement one cannot be used in settlement two. Very stupid system, as some settlements have nothing worth buying, so you end up having masses of credits in settlement with nothing but gas to spend it on...

And that's just tip of the iceberg.

So, to cap; great visuals, well built game world, but more issues than Trump's foreign policies. Thank God I only payed 20 euros for this...

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