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Closed Rust Is Not Working For Me

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Everything Was Brilliant Until 11.02.19 My GF Wanted To Play Rust And I Changed My Steam Nickname And Picture To Her's And When I Was Trying To Go In To The Game It Just Left me Hanging There,. No Game Opened/Launched. 
No menu With Settings. No Nothing. Like Everything Just Disappeared, I Don`t Know And I Have No Clue What hapened, I Filmed My Problem So You Can See What is Going On.
For The Record, I reinstalled The Rust, I restarted My Pc, I restarted My Steam Account And Put The Old Name Back.
I Deleted The Reg Files, I Reinstalled My NVidia Drivers, Nothing Helped.. 
..If Someone Could Help Me I Would Help You In Any Way I Can Because My base Will Decay And I Put So Many Hours Into The Game Now.  
Here Is The Link To The Video I Told  === https://youtu.be/Un93AUgUyl0

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