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Closed 7 days to die

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Hi people need your help please

player id on 7 days to die, cyrus187

I have been playing 7 days to die online with a friend, but yesterday i could not get on my bike and did not give me an option to use the storage or anything so i logged out thinking it was a bug or something. when i tried to log back in to the server it came up saying server disconnected cyrus187 is already in the server. my friend told me i was still in the game when i logged out. thought there might be a server issue so i went to bed. tried it just now and now its just saying connecting to server??? can anyone help please as i do not really wont to change my name and start from lvl 1 again lol

p.s im new to all this but hope i explained my problem so someone could help.

thank you

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