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Closed Player Cold TV and Youbo HAcker

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Hello knights i been playing on your server for few days i enjoyed the game in its good time or bad but today i had IT! i made a base with huge concret walls and made huge wood and rock walls i made sure it by my self that no one could even jump over the concret walls let alone Cold Tv jump over a Concret + Huge rock / Wood wall one shot me with bow and destroyed my base I CANT TAKE THIS AT ALL ! if you cant take action and perma IP ban this Bastards than i will never EVER ! encourage others to ever play in your servers just today morning i was wondering to tell my friends about your server but i changed my mind last night i finished my base with a blast furnace and all today i came on this evening and it was gone and my items and yes i made sure my base is auth to me only i had two owner ship stake and had no one els name now cold comes kills me take my loot destroys my base and gets away with it while using hacks ! and ever one specially youbo knows cus he is a hacker too ! I AM SERIOUSLY HURT AND DISAPOINTED IN YOU ! please do some thing about this or i and every one i can get to never use your services again Thank you ! 

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