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Closed Hacker ? warning to players

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on the first june 2018 between 2am and 12 am GMT someone broke into our ( me and two friends) trap base and destroyed it,destroyed a big farm we had on an island and destroyed our underwater base on a nother island . the thing is the underwater base is nearly impossible to find he destroyed the island"s surface looking for the entrance so he knew what he was looking for. if he had found the hatch he wouldnt destroyed the island. anyways, after a long path ubnderwater with multiple vault doors u find the base (bed rock level inside the sea ) . the base had 3 forges a work bench, chemical station 2 cement mixers, gas locker(with +10k gas) + other stuff and a vending machine( which you get electrified by it if u try to break it) and +16 boxes and other empty ones. the thing is whoever did this destroyed erything except the walls. not even the camp fire nor the vending machine( which you get electrified if u try to break it) we had 3 metal letters in a wall and he destroyed those too. it''s not just a normal looting raid which wouldve been ok. if we assume he was looting he could never transport that much amount of loot in just this few time . so only reason he was thre is to destroy . even the destruction would take so much time. 

so in total 3 different places in one night with strong deffenses were totally destroyed in a short amount of time with not even a camp fire left. 

might be a hacker ? or a mentaly sick player

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