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Closed ANDREJ JASMINA hacker

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hello :D. I fell you brother but there is nothing you can do apparently i used hacks my self (see last hack report post) to prove to my self he is hacking. Im gonna tell you whats gonna happen he will harass you for the res of the game will always find yo base and kill you and just destroy yo stuff. So my advice is try to make a video next time ?? cuz that seems is the only way just tell him the earth is not flat and v1v my base he will come get it on tape...probably what i should have done ... but not my problem any more i wish i could help you more. pm pow or Zed i knew them may be they will help you with something may be ... but he run them in ground real hard so idk. BTW server is amazing except for him every one is friendly to a ridiculous extend never seen that on any other server tbh so dent let him make you thing every one there is like that. Again wish i could some how help but sadly i cant just can agree but my opinion dose not matter at all now which i know and accept.

Good luck m8.

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