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Guest klauz

Closed New VIP status and rubies everywhere

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Guest klauz

Hello KT family, today we want to present you a new VIP status and the Rubypack.



As you can see above, this is our new VIP+ status, it brings new gear, resources and also new advantages:

- Faster teleport/home cooldown

- Six homes

- Faster vehicles (Yes, the players with VIP+ status will receive some NOS at any vehicle they will drive)

PS: The engine is standard and thats not a wood bow, its a MINING BOW.

You can buy it here : https://www.knights-table.net/vip/




This is our new thing, the pack of rubies which can be spend in many things in game!

By buying the RubyPack you will get 25 rubies per each donation.

The rubies can be spend :

- At our in game /store


If you don't know how to use it, type /store help in game.


Lets buy some stone.. Type /store 1


So to buy you should write /store 1 1 (Don't forget you should have the rubies at your inventory)


(ATENTION: Store prices could change at any time (and without notice) to improve or balance the server.)

You also can use it to remove your infamy and use it like a healthpack in the middle of fight! (For more info visit here:

You can buy it here : https://www.knights-table.net/vip/

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