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Closed Just nasty..

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sedimantas.thumb.jpg.27c5d28c70a7388aeb23f3a05a9b86e3.jpgsedi1.thumb.jpg.56d01a5bba9c503518b861f684689195.jpgHello, I'am well known as Looter to people who plays long at KT servers. So i just came back to see how server is holding,wanted to play old good Hurtworld in my beloved server. Suddenly i killed one guy several times meeting him at meteors. After that he ragequits server,comes back and talks really nasty things about my parents,and me. I'm gonna drop few screenshots i've made. I played here really long time,but never experienced such a toxic man,probably even in my life. Just look at screenshots.

sedi 3.jpg

sedi 2.jpg

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