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Found 22 results

  1. Hi i cant seem to log in , is they an client upgrade? please help
  2. Hi i'm new and wanted to know how do i update the client to the latest version I seem to have downloaded v2108 but the thing is I just downloaded it yesterday is there any patcher i can download or do i have to download the whole client again?
  3. Guest

    hmm so i added the steamapps folder to my steam folder and when i enter rust it says i have no skin?
  4. I can not start the client when I want to log into my account that error I need help please, sorry for my english
  5. Hello my ID is dadame4 and i was ban for nothing can you help me pls i was raiding with my friends and that said you has been deconnect and at least that said you are ban with no reason maybe a mistake pls help me
  6. Pls help me i cant play this game ... im stuck at loading screen and nothing happens i even tryed to create a new steam profile but still nothing
  7. I need help my steam is opened. It sais Steam load error. ( i installed anticheat ect.) Any help? If you know smthing abaout it msg me! THX!
  8. Hi guys, I am having problem getting into the server, everything loads well but when I get to "Starting Game..." it loads endless. Is this a common issue or is it local? Any advise? Cheers, Iuci
  9. I need to know from where i can get the full client not the patch.... Or a client that i can use the patch on it (hopefully you'll resolve the mega link of the patch) . Thanks for the time!
  10. Soo today i downloaded Rust from this site and when i go into the game and try to conect to the knights table server it says to download the new client but i just downloaded the game did i use a old link or it is a bug? Please help because i want to play the game
  11. Why my game is not running like im joining in the game and then loading and pop up a mirror saying my steam is not running but its runing on my background .-.
  12. Whenever i start the hurtworld client up, the game starts up, and then my screen goes all buggy with blue and red stripes and all kinds of crazy things, then my monitor sort of shuts down, and the game is invisble but still in my hotbar, and after a while it's gone. Help?
  13. So hmm first of all i want to say that my pc is rly good and i've seen ppl play with my setup on yt and they have smooth 60fps at medium quality + graphics quality on 5, i have my quality on the minimum there is and whenever i join the server, it loads everything like it's the first time i'm logging on any server with rust, it downloads the gamemanager, mountains, etc. EVERY SINGLE TIME, also when i spawn in the server and i wake up, my screen stays the same, the image on rust is the same but i can hear myself jumping and running even though the screen is still the same with the "you're sleeping" message, i move run and jump and i can hear the game running fine but the image that shows up doesn't change at all, idk what's causing this neither do i know how to fix it, thats why im posting it i hope to get a reply soon and be able to play rust. thank you for your time
  14. Guest

    Everytime i try to connect to the vanilla server i am on for about 5 mins and then i get hit with a " Disconnected EAC : Client Violation " Error not sure what it mean.. need help thanks
  15. Hi i'm new here, i need help with rust. it says steam auth failed when i try to join a server, no server works for me, i have instaled the last version of knights table rust eperimental DB192v2046, i tried every thing, i instaled easy cheat, lunchingin rust in administrator, my steam is opened, and i don't understand how cgs luncher works i also tried to copy that connet.(server number) many times in the console, and yet nothing still same probleme please help help help help
  16. When i open cgsgamelauncher it says it opens in offline mode. How do i fix this?
  17. When the updated the game today.... i cant start rust anymore i downloaded the patch and i start patching it then my pc crashed.. i restart it and i enter rust it says only loading.
  18. Why is the server offline now for 2 hours... nobody say something about it what happend?
  19. Please help I heve only conecting thats all game not connect to server
  20. Hello, i was playing at one server when you join in game press F2 and joining some sort of server and now its saying i need to update Client but im seeing they didnt update the version here ?
  21. hey guy, im new to the site and ive recently downloaded a cracked version of Rust now ive been told to use your servers but everytime i try its tells me to update client? now how do i do this? can some one please help me out i cant seem to figure it out. thanks alot
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