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  1. Flashy

    Goodjob i was gonna buy VIP permanent but if i see this? nvm then i can better buy Rust legit because look what here you only get kicked and you cant join the server + Staffs dont answer or help you and also low fps when you playing gg
  2. Really bad you cant even join the server you only get a kick and no admins or staffs are doing something the dont even fix it you also get when you start high fps and then when you play more then 30min it wil lagg like shit -,- why nobody do something yesterday was the server 3hour offline and no staff do something only gein when i msg him.... and 2 days ago it happend the same and you cant even kil the animals only the can kil you wtf is that? really sad you just wasting time on the server for playing and then later you cant even join it because EAC i downloaded EAC and you stil get kicked wtf is that for logic? all players have it and nobody is fixing it
  3. Flashy

    Now 3 hours what is happening to this server yesterday to,..
  4. Why is the server offline now for 2 hours... nobody say something about it what happend?
  5. Flashy

    That is probaly Sperminator??
  6. When the updated the game today.... i cant start rust anymore i downloaded the patch and i start patching it then my pc crashed.. i restart it and i enter rust it says only loading.
  7. Hurtworld is not working i downloaded Hurtworld legacy then... i unpack here i downloaded EAC then i launch the game hurtworld.exe open as administrator then i put connect hw1.knights-table.net:12876 then it load a little bit and then it stuck on it??? can someone help me with it
  8. hahahahah oml you know why i said that all? and stop lie please you are a fucking biggest liar that are in this game.... you dropped the aidrops retard stop lie please there was no body and you didnt even say something or msg me you just put the radation on me and then u told the player that i was there to kil me and then i said all that bad words because you playing unfair and helping players... thats why and now you gonna come and say onther things? well gg 5 people see what you did so stop lie lmao and when you banned me my base was blow up everthing because u told the guy where my base is and helped him you are just a cunt. get a life please nobody plays on your server because the all left and hate u only 2 players or 1 so bad..... i got 5 people that see it and know it so what you want
  9. Hello! people from knight-table so i play months on this server:rust.kngsgaming.network:28015 its named PRISM or something i had like everthing in the game Gear.. like m249 allot / AKS,Boltys its a vannila-modded server i play allot on that server then a player named [ Unvoicedmercy] he is V.i.P he msg me random and said fucking terroist where you are fucking cunt you are a pussy noob your mother etc... like randomly i did notting then i see someone spawn 3 airdrops at launchsite? but there was nobody and the owner did that his name is [Shady] he did that because he want me to get there. so i go loot them and i go inside the rocket up because i get no radation then the owner put for no reason radation on me 500 i run to my base and the told the player: Unvoicedmercy to him where i was and he kild me like for no fucking reason the owner told the guy where i was look how fucking unfair then i was so mad... like wtf are you doing this is so unfair you are a owner and you do this? to players? like wtf..... i said some bad words because its so unfair that he help players and tell them? etc.... so i go to my base and i wanna take something out my chest but i cant he blockt all my commands also i cant /kill notting then he banned me.... and that owner said where my base is to that guy and then my friend see that my base is fucking gone everthing for notting and waste of time.... i feel so bad and iam really mad.... i had so much stuff and i put so much time.... so i want you guys to do something on this because this cant..... its so unfair that a owner do that? can you guys please help this is really unfair..... a owner that do that.... like how... wtf i cant belive that this happend so sad really sad
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