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  1. ARMCSGamer

    I try to connect on server but said I need update client but I download knightsTable_Rust_v2140_Happy_New_Year
  2. Didn't work I try to connect but I need update client. I download KnightsTable_Rust_v2140_Happy_New_Year plss help me

  3. I download new version on these site KnightsTable_Rust_Experimental_DB195_2053 i go join on these IP client.connect rust2.knights-table.net:28241 but said these Disconnect: Download the new update client from www.knights-table.net PLSS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. pazz


      bro client is out.....im right?

    3. Ahmed0501


      yes!!! the Update is out :D

    4. pazz


      yesssssssssssss tnx admins <3 love you all

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