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  1. Senwaii

    Rust.cc Free ddoser u can ddos this shitty server NOW oof did u really think that was real? ooooooof
  2. Senwaii

    u know that its illegal to grab my ip m8? Reported.exe cya in jail with 400k $ fine nigga <3
  3. Senwaii

    ive been banned from 5 acounts now 4 no reason https://gyazo.com/917cb1cbb3921c79aa8d84dce8dfe4c7 https://gyazo.com/917cb1cbb3921c79aa8d84dce8dfe4c7https://gyazo.com/917cb1cbb3921c79aa8d84dce8dfe4c7https://gyazo.com/917cb1cbb3921c79aa8d84dce8dfe4c7https://gyazo.com/917cb1cbb3921c79aa8d84dce8dfe4c7https://gyazo.com/917cb1cbb3921c79aa8d84dce8dfe4c7https://gyazo.com/917cb1cbb3921c79aa8d84dce8dfe4c7https://gyazo.com/917cb1cbb3921c79aa8d84dce8dfe4c7https://gyazo.com/917cb1cbb3921c79aa8d84dce8dfe4c7https://gyazo.com/917cb1cbb3921c79aa8d84dce8dfe4c7https://gyazo.com/917cb1cbb3921c79aa8d84dce8dfe4c7 he is the admin mass banning me cuz i raided him prob
  4. hey i was playing with kayjc and we where mining ive killed 2 players in my hole entire game and i get banned later for aimhack or some shit like that and idfk even why. Banned by : ?????? (Idk) wasent anti-cheat tho PS could i get a admin to investigate this
  5. Senwaii

    so im trying to play with my freind and he joins eu and i join amsterdam im trying to find out how he can join me and so we can play ???????
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