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  1. Geinporem1976

    Dont forget to link your discord here on forum account and rank your self for rust channels in the discord.
  2. Geinporem1976

    @moz_art the client is downloadble on our knights table discord rust channels and it is for official and cracked steam both
  3. Geinporem1976

    Down load the client and use the ip join button in game menu fill in port and ip and play
  4. Geinporem1976

    The join discord link is here on the forum page
  5. For now the client is only on Knights table discord, join and -rank your self for rust channels.
  6. Geinporem1976

    Ill take a look at the torrent not loading or just not working?
  7. Geinporem1976

    Yea so i heard and solved with restart. Join our discord for faster responce. Specially for server down questions.
  8. Geinporem1976

    Yes a known issue should be good now i have just reloaded the download page with the correct clients. only mega and torrent for now.
  9. Yes sir for some reason there is a wrong version on the site ill work on fix today
  10. Geinporem1976

    Its in the rust sectiin make sure you fill out a complete forum account before you rank your self to the rust channeks.
  11. Geinporem1976

    Discord link is on the home page. Also on discord is the latest client v2218
  12. Geinporem1976

    Depends on what server you like to join v1 or v2 what is the ip adress you try to join with.
  13. Geinporem1976

  14. Geinporem1976

    Dont use rhe rust tab but the download page.
  15. Geinporem1976

    What client version do you have,our server is on v2215 the turrets update Regards
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