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  1. Geinporem1976

    Okay will take care of it
  2. Geinporem1976

    You have legit copy off rust? The server has no crack atm Because of a error crashing
  3. Geinporem1976

    Did a restart try again please
  4. Geinporem1976

    thnx for your report can yopu make clear what the cheat was in this vid . my gues is badboy shoot true walls?
  5. Geinporem1976

  6. Geinporem1976

    did you update to the latest version with fix patch?
  7. Geinporem1976

    Whats your steam 64 id and name in game 76561198139646265 btw canty see to find a ban on your acount
  8. Geinporem1976

    Sure we will take a look at it what kind off speed hack do they use in your opinion ?
  9. Geinporem1976

    Btw by mega you can get bonus quota
  10. Geinporem1976

    Sorry to hear your daily has acceed we are searching for a little better upload and download server service
  11. Geinporem1976

    Heey mr chest I dont know if it is possible to have better loot in the drops but we can always take a better look at. Thnx for the suggestion
  12. Geinporem1976

    SawBtw i did reset it last night lets see how it ends up
  13. Geinporem1976

    you have a location of this trader maybe i can try again but normally after restart its getting bugged again
  14. Geinporem1976

    sorry for the delay guys setrver should be up and running again try to connect to our discord for faster responce
  15. Geinporem1976

    Heey lmniyek-xd this is a report section not a ban apeal section. But i will take this apeal in to consideration
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