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  1. Geinporem1976

    Is there any error mssg if so atach a sreen shot or explain to be able to help you further Regards
  2. Geinporem1976

    Solved temp disable the virus scan !
  3. Geinporem1976

    You have me in discord i think hit me there an we solve it
  4. Geinporem1976

    That my best sir happend tonight 😎😉
  5. Geinporem1976

    Well if there isnt a crash mssg its hard to determine what that the cause is.Are you sure you pc can handle the game?al graphics drivers up to date? Try google for well know crashes and issues the client isnt the problem thats for sure.
  6. Geinporem1976

    Your welcom 😉glad you enjoy and appreciate it.
  7. Geinporem1976

    What is you crash mssg?
  8. Geinporem1976

    Hello thnx for your interest, To answer as soon as it hits stable version we wil update, this because exp wil have a lot off patches after launch as known (experimental )
  9. Geinporem1976

    Sniper send me a private mssg here or in on discord. Regards if you need help that is.
  10. Geinporem1976

    You talk about v2 i ques right?
  11. Geinporem1976

    Lool xd that is just a death mssg from a plugin not a cheat detected mssg ;)!
  12. Hello,yes its a cool app and yes it does work on kt server but only for the legit clients atm, that said its a new feature. There for it wil take some time to get it working if at all even posible ofcourse. We hope in the futere to have it working......
  13. Geinporem1976

    yes the v1 hurtworld is still online and running! please explain where the connect trouble lies
  14. Geinporem1976

    by now your both fixed thnx for your post
  15. Geinporem1976

    Unfortunately the back up didnt fix the server so we where forced to wipe and install new and wipe it 😎 Btw new download is needed!
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