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  1. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Server is updated to 18.1 today
  2. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    I will see what i can do for ya tomorrow no problem ill send you it in a dm here so you can remember it next time Regards
  3. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Only thing you can do is wait untill we have the server ready for cracked version/client. Join discord for info
  4. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Yes we are aware of the problem the server aint cracked yet we are having aome issues on server side. Please be patient its work in progress. Follow us on discord 7days channels for more info and anouncements
  5. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Uninstall easy anti cheat and try again
  6. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    If you are first joining you need to make a password Hit F3 and type auth password (your own pass)😉
  7. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Thats because the throw out a new update half month to say the haloween weeks so download latest version. And have scary fun
  8. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Yes we where aware off the problem and we are happy to say it is fixed again. Regards off the kt team
  9. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Hello your account is cleared now enjoy the game
  10. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Heey sorry to hear you experienced the game like this. Instead off telling admin need training maybe the player would need a little as well😉 because if you just call out the admins off thw server they will give you any bike back as soon as they can log on conect to our discord almost 24/7 support to answer all your questions.
  11. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    The launchers for mod1 or vannila These are also in the folder.
  12. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Download the new version and delete/uninstall the older one.
  13. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Good day first this is report section Second the answer is simple go to the rust page hit the down load you like to use and get the latest client.
  14. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

  15. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Yes we can white list you tell us your login name that you changed in the file and make sure you join once today
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