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  1. WedgeTailDevil

    Clicked on the Rust header link to get the server address You do not have permission to view this resource. Please make sure to register. Error code: 2D161/2 Anyone help with the server address
  2. WedgeTailDevil

    Not one reply.. Community dead. sad face emoji
  3. WedgeTailDevil

    What the actual fuck admin, why you whipe me bass of dee map? My beloved 1x1. Picture below.
  4. Any more detail? error messages? client.connect rust1.knights-table.net:28241 or client.connect
  5. WedgeTailDevil

    Typically when Steam have sales, people buy multiple games and sell them for a small profit. For me, I can pick up Rust $6 cheaper
  6. WedgeTailDevil

    Screen shot the error But yes buying ti will eliminate these errors. try g2a.com
  7. WedgeTailDevil

    Fucking perma ban the prick..
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