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  1. Nevoh72

    What happened to the server though? it seems dead to what it was 8-10 months ago
  2. Nevoh72

    BTW, Where can I view the wipe schedule?
  3. Nevoh72

    How does it work? someone said after 2 weeks the server clears only buildings but let's you keep items or something (I don't know, my friend told me), and 2 weeks after that one, it wipes everything? How does it work? The point of that question ^ is that I think the longer I play the more I get into the game and have fun rather than playing just a bit and progressing not to the fullest that I can potentially do and then get everything taken away from me. so how does it work?
  4. Nevoh72

    I would've kept playing if the wipe was 1 month. but nope, it's 2 weeks.
  5. Nevoh72

    nope, 4 weeks is good, more time to play, it's not fun only after 2 weeks, newcomers get their base deleted since it's taking them time to figure the game out,as for me, it took me 1 week, to understand the game to it's FULLEST, and now i get to play only 1 week, not fun.
  6. Nevoh72

    wondering the same
  7. Nevoh72

    but now the game crashes as soon as I join a server
  8. Nevoh72

    FINALLY, It works! GJ! GG!
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