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  1. Zildaa

    [EU] KnightsTable #1 |x2/|Clans|Economics|Kits keeps crashing randomly like every 15 minutes with this error: Disconnected: Unknown wire type: 3 at SilentOrbit.ProtocolBuffers.ProtocolParses.SkipKey (System.IO.Stream stream, SilentOrbit.ProtocolBuffers.Key key) [0x00000] in...
  2. Zildaa

    Why i cant see my VIP Subscription on settings > manage Subscriptions? It only shows: ''There are not any subscriptions available at this time.'' And if i wanna cancel my VIP how i can do that?
  3. Zildaa

    When is next wipe on [EU] Knights-Table #1 |x2|Insta|Loot+| ?
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