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  1. Ok...here is my story. I am new to this game and Server. I just play it like 3 days ago. Whenever I am in the server, I always being chase around the place by ZOMBIES and ended up in die a lot of time. Running from place to place is a HELL. My friends feel bad for me so they give me a vehicle. Me on a vehicle vs. some sprint Zombies, who going to run faster? I will let you guys think about it. The problem I trying to say is that there is a Admin, he log on the server and see the /commands is mess up then he quickly restarted it without giving us the players any notice. We all got kick out of the Server and when we log back in our vehicle is GONE. The vehicle my friend give to me out of pity, it is gone. I ride it while that ADMIN restart the Server. Now I have to run around the place on foot and I am so angry about it. It is not only me who lost the vehicle but it is all of the players who have their vehicle out while Admin kick us got deleted. I think all of the player is angry as much as I did. I am tired of this Server. The game is good but the people is bad. I going to play 7 days to die offline. It is much better than here. I will log on this server only if I miss my good friends. I going to go, don't bother to look for me.
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