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  1. AntiLord

    and I know you guys get paid from those ad views. I support by trying to do it once a day.
  2. AntiLord

    Rust 12_18_2017 12_54_20 PM at 12:54PM thats when i made the video
  3. AntiLord

    um... he might have changed his name. or try mikym cuz with my name someone just has to to KT to get my name. cuz if someone used my full name it would be another player.
  4. AntiLord

    Thank you sir
  5. AntiLord

    I know but admin needs video proof. I can help with that when I can.
  6. AntiLord

    Second vid of more names. T-T admin please at least temp ban them... bing
  7. AntiLord

    I have a second video with more names.
  8. AntiLord

    I died before reading the last 2 guys that where camping outside. This needs enforcement. If need be I will make the vids. I lost a lot on my first death. huh.... please watch this link and review. I had to use youtube the file is to large for the forum.
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