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  1. it's worse than before, there is no trading at all on your card! the quest announces zero meter and displays no trader on the map, it just became missing from the game ... it's not the game, it's your server that has a problem, had you at least reinstate the map for the new update? There is in any case something that was badly done or it's bad to go but understood that a server or the very first quest is unplayable and or one of the most big resource of the game is absent is not what we can call functional hoping that you corect, good luck, meanwhile I will play solo too bad it's a pity it could have been nice
  2. ok ,it's cool ,a take a look that ;)
  3. this should be normally correct in the 17.4 where I play ...... the Dev make the poo the lol
  4. Hi, I'm sorry, I did not take the coordinates of the place, it's where I arrived at my first connection, at the limit of the green biomite and the snow, near a city ... I I have reco several times to see if it solves the problem but not every time the trader ejects me as I get close.ok, if it comes from the Dev then yes to wait ...... is a pity anyway because it prevents the game to start at the very beginning since the first quette is not even possible to be validated or the future of the coup big bug anyway, hope that it will quickly settle! Thank you for your answer and happy to see you were doing well;)
  5. moderator is death i think ,is sad
  6. hello, desolate for English, it's google trad .... I have the same problem as on other post that I saw here but are closed without bringing any answer. go to a trader's, I'm throwing out that it's day or night, maybe the trader is dead? but that prevents the validation of the very first quest
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