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  1. BirutasDagisTDI

    The server is down for a while now. Any reason?
  2. BirutasDagisTDI

    Hello, There's a problem with animals not re-spawning on this world. If you kill one, its gone from that spot forever. They only appear where the land isn't discovered yet. Is this game related or server related issue? Why wouldn't animals re-spawn if zombies re-spawn everywhere? And is it possible to enable them to spawn on this server?
  3. BirutasDagisTDI

    Yes, please fix this trader thing missing. And also fix a bug where respawn point is just where you die.
  4. BirutasDagisTDI

    Where should we all vote for server's world reset? My friends and, I bet everyone else is fed up with this destroyed, wasteland world. I'm frustrated that an idea of world restart is ignored by all admins.
  5. BirutasDagisTDI

    The server is down. While fixing the server problems, fix the biggest problem.. please reset the whole map in addition... Come on, ALOT of people want the reset!!
  6. Hello. It's impossible to join 7Days discord server. First of all when pressing on Quick link - Discord, it says that the invite is invalid. If you somehow get past verification, In Auttaja page, when typing -assignrole SevenDays, it says i have no premission. Tried everything. Help
  7. BirutasDagisTDI

    It still doesn't work for me. Same error as before. https://ibb.co/j8jBcG0
  8. BirutasDagisTDI

    Here you go https://ibb.co/j8jBcG0
  9. BirutasDagisTDI

    I have the same problem here...
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