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  1. DeathClaw201

    hey was just wondering it seems lately the server is down alot, is there a reason like updates or something?
  2. DeathClaw201

    hey your server just rebooted and now when i try to go back in it days server information could not be retrieved.....
  3. DeathClaw201

    ok working now thanks 🤩
  4. DeathClaw201

    what service would you suggest i use?
  5. DeathClaw201

    i would add an attachment but i'm not sure how on this forum...
  6. DeathClaw201

    So i was playing and my pc froze (it does that randomly, haven't figured out why yet) so i rebooted my pc and since that i can't back into the server it just keeps saying "could not retrieve server information" can some help me please?? having soo much fun...
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