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  1. KnightHawk

    Thanks for starting your report with an insult to the servers. Really validates your point. I legitimately can not take you serious.
  2. A huge thanks to @MidasTouch for updating our site and theme!
  3. KnightHawk

  4. KnightHawk

    You're the only one encoutering this issue, so definitely not server-sided, I'm afraid.
  5. KnightHawk

    @Iper Like Klauz said, for the current game state, it's doing pretty well. As for the dead forums, most people are using discord instead of the forums
  6. KnightHawk

  7. KnightHawk

    A friend of the moderators? I think not. If he is hacking, he will be caught and banned like anyone else. I love when people come in here and post shit that they know nothing about and what their opinion of the actual truth is, without having any actual facts to base it on. Because he's a regular, does not entitle him to any different treatment than anyone else. If you're going to make accusations, please make sure they are accurate
  8. KnightHawk

    Additionally: You have not properly educated yourself on how exactly GDPR works. If banned, we are able to retain it as it's intent is to safeguard a server. So as you said, good luck. Read up a bit before you misinform people try and use rights, that you don't understand. "The right to be forgotten only applies if the personal data is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed; and/or there are no overriding legitimate grounds for processing."
  9. KnightHawk

    I could care less about that. We will not be lifting permanent bans
  10. KnightHawk

    It will be looked into when we have a chance.
  11. KnightHawk

    Perfect! I love when garbage shows itself to the door
  12. KnightHawk

  13. KnightHawk

  14. KnightHawk

    I could be wrong, but this guy sounds salty.
  15. This is not the forums for their server. Feel free to take it up with them here !
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