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  1. I had 3 encounters with him, first one was not that fishy but he hit all bullets during one spray. ok. Then the last 2 encounters afterwards confirmed it for me, only hs over at least 80 and in the third one 110 m. Combat log is attached.
  2. Dear moderation team, I really enjoy playing on your servers and even though EAC does a great job, some people still manage to hack/cheat it seems. This instance I was shot by jarif after I climbed a mountain and was in a forest. I went back to check and he could not ever have seen me in that thicket. Furthermore he was using an smg and was not tapping or anything but spraying constantly his whole mag at me, without any spread or recoil at all it seems. What really made me suspicous are thus the following reasons I accuse him of: Spraying at least 3 mags of smg over ~80m without any recoil and always hitting exactly my position. Seeing me through y bushes and x tress (Where y > 2 and x > at least 6). Happened on 24.03.2019 at ~15:45 on Rust Server Table Knight 1 - Modded Me: Ingame Name: Red Boi ID: 286086 Accused: Ingame Name: Jarif; ID: 1177764 I formerly request an investigation and to be notifed of the result. With Best Regards Red Boi Edit: More Info; IDS, Names
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