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  1. Marikona

    If ppl are there, is cause you can cheat man. If you dosn't cheat, you took it bad There are really old players that all here we know they cheats and dosn't get banned, just don't use fly hacks and aimbot and you are fine. GODs have an admin too in team if i remember correctly, maybe is for that, they saw you with esp.
  2. Marikona

    I request banning of: PTR Patrik , for hacks, he has aimbot and no recoil. He has altredy a VAC ban on his account. Taneli =)) , same cheats as Patrik but dosn't have a VAC ban altredy. They are on Vanilla actually.
  3. Marikona

    When the next wipe on vanilla will happens? (GMT TIME AND DATE) Server tells 1/11, some players said 2/11 other said 9/11.
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