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  1. Shini

    @Geinporem1976 I managed to trick the (Bug) guys i was telling you. I baited them into thinking that i wanted the cheat. They literally replied like "no i wont give it to you". Enjoy.
  2. Shini

    @Geinporem1976 Excuse me, you want proof of what? Shooting us through walls? I already talked with 2 more victims and they experienced the same thing with the exact same guys. They were using wallhacking aswell, because they killed me through wall to see where i would spawn so that they could place c4 there to break into my totem immediately.
  3. Shini

    @Geinporem1976 I already talked with 3 victims including me who got raided by these hackers. Another admin told me that you already took action about them but I see you didnt. The hackers related to this post are (Bug) Boss , (Bug) Con Cac Than (his letters have special symbols) and Zero was already accused twice. But as of the bug guys everyone accused them and some actually tried to cover them, even Basit who is coworking with admin Vapelover.
  4. Shini

    OMGGG PERFECT. THEY ARE TRULY HACKERS. THANK GOD MAN SOMEONE WHO GOT PROOF. They indeed hack they raided my base while using some kind of shooting through walls. I've seen other reports with the same issue. @Geinporem1976 100% hackers no need to even check them, they are the same guys these 3 that did the same on me.
  5. Shini

    Yeah 1 guy i dont remember his name its friend of Basit. He tried to raid me with his friend and he killed me through wall with shotgun. All doors were closed and no walls were broken. Midastouch is really sleeping to be honest. Even Vapelover who is an Admin is co-working with a hacker. I applied to be admin but he didnt even pay attention to my application. @MidasTouch
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