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  1. Someone knows how to make a cracked server appear in the cracked client server list? Even with "server.secure false" setting? Thx
  2. Yuhuuy??? Is someone alive???
  3. Gracias

    You must have steam opened with a valid account, and a cracked client. Anyway, theorically this is the support for Kinights Table player's, instead you need help to run your own server, exactly the opposite.
  4. Does this server have any admin or similar?
  5. New client, old problem: still RLK MisMatch error. Only with this server, on all other server it's ok. Attached the screenshoot.
  6. But this rustfix, is intended to fix what? Because my client is "working" (except RLK MISMATCH with this server, and the stuck if launched without the +connect command line parameter) without fix, and stopped to work with the fix. I have re-dezipped the client without the fix and turned back working.
  7. Gracias

    P.S.: the problem is only with this server, because after the error i manually entered a different server and RLK MisMatch not happen.
  8. Gracias

    Same here ?
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