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  1. you're a little bit much sometimes arent you goy lol Happy to help!
  2. Hey there! The issue is without a doubt very annoying, but its very treatable. (And will be fixed soon) Unfortunately, there is no way right now you can 100% avoid running into it, but you can still get into the server following these steps. Launch the game from CGS Game Launcher, or using the Rust.exe (With launcher opened) When you encounter the "EAC: Client Authentication Failed" error, proceed with next step Open console - > Paste "connect" (Without Quotes) Repeat this process over and over again until you finally load into server. (Can take up to four times) Basically whats happening is while you are loading into the server, some type of EAC Hiccup interrupts the loading process during a specific stage. But if you repeatedly connect to the server, eventually all assets will be loaded into the memory and you'll arrive at the "Receiving Data" prompt, and eventually you'll be in-game. Cheers
  3. KayTheCreator

    Yeah this is a big issue right now. First there was the SteamAuth issue which somehow disappeared after about six hours of emptiness, and now, there is this bug. Which is either hit or miss. I've tried repairing the EAC Service, and really now I am going to just straight up inject the eac.dll into the game and see what happens.
  4. KayTheCreator

    I wouldn't say its Reggie's fault, but the logistics of it all don't really add up in the first place. Most of his inflicted shots on you were in the extremities, and a few of yours were center mass shots. But looking here We can see the top two hits, being yours mark the beginning of the PVP Encounter. Two of those shots. Your hand shot, fired from a shorter distance than Reggies is marked with tag "projectile_distance", I am still unbeknownst of what this string means, but nonetheless yours did not do any damage, but his - using the same weapon, and at a greater distance - inflicted your wounded state. Although armor and other variables come into play here, its noteworthy to mention Reggies first shot on you was in the leg, dealing 14.4 Damage. Your initial Leg hit dealt 11.2 Damage. Yours were at a much shorter distance. Although most likely not the result of a script, I think this is more of a 'hacky' serverside issue than anything. But like I said, alot of variables, including round type, where in the leg you fired, etc.
  5. Scratch that, Knights Table #1 Currently experiencing a SteamAuth issue.

    1. MoonShots


      Still not working, or is it just for me?

    2. MidasTouch
    3. MoonShots


      Now it everytime tells me: EAC disconnect any solutions?

  6. Knights Table #1 Currently experiencing downtime for past two hours.

    10/13/2017 @ 11:30 AM PST

    1. KayTheCreator


      Functionality restored. Bizarre.

  7. KayTheCreator

    Another Suggestion: Re-add the Staff Application page.
  8. KayTheCreator

    Hey there K-T Team! Not many groundbreaking suggestions here, but I got a few things that should most-definitely be configured. For one, liking/disliking is improved with this new U.I, however, here is a few things to take into account: - Disable Liking/Disliking on official related forums, such as: Player Reports, Game Related Problems, Ban Appeals etc. And for signing up on the forum, (at-least from my initial experience), there was no option to create an account by using the Steam Sign-in API. Which in my opinion, would have a-lot more usability than Facebook and Google+ haha. Enabled/Integrate Steam Sign-Up on Knights Table Staff. I've been online for quite a spree this week, and I do not see a single moderator in-game at any time whatsoever except for the rare exception of one yesterday for a mere twenty minutes. Enforce staff presence, or replace. (Live or let live?) Enforce Higher Staff Presence, or any at all. Thank you for reading these suggestions, have a wonderful day. @MidasTouch@KnightHawk
  9. KayTheCreator

    Doesn't matter who you are talking to on this forum. Interact with anybody, (especially) on the reports forum with a respectful/reasonable demeanor. Period.
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