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  1. hello, so i was playing normal then suddenly i started to get banned repeatedly, i'm not cheater and i never wanted to be. i could join again but get banned perm every time i join the sever can anyone tell me how to fix this ? and why i'm getting banned ? be sure i never touched any hacking software or whatever as i like to play with my own skills and i didn't kill anyone on this server in this wipe yet thank you
  2. Anasadia

    i was in heli base my friend in his loot room and hq walls all doors closed..i was with him in discord i heard headshot..then he said i'm down ! i asked him are you sure the doors closed ? he said yesss yess then i came to my friend to see whats going on and try to save the loot then we went to the heli base together..then we started getting shot from the ground with arrows..like from underground the arrows came..we took screenshots..he talked obviously about his tool hack and tried to sell it also..we have screenshots for the conversation and combat log and my friends can post also screenshots for him trying to sell us the hack hope this get solved soon he is not even hiding that with understanding the admins have a lot of work
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