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  1. Devilstar

    The server is running fine, been playing on it the last 2 days. check that the info your using is correct.
  2. DO YOU LOVE KNIGHTS-TABLE, (not that gay mushy kinda love but I suppose thats cool to.. phat websites need love too) DO YOU WANT TO SEE SERVER POPULATIONS GO UP SO YOU COULD MAYBE HAVE MORE NEWB AROUND TO GANK? (Fuck Yea!!) DO YOU WANT TO HELP MAKE IT HAPPEN (dafuq is he fuckin high) DO YOU HAVE AN INSTAGRAM? (pfft who doesn't...dumbass) STEP #1 - FOLLOW DEATH_REVOLUTION_GAMING ON INSTAGRAM ( <--- that's me, I do live streams and post stupid screenshots too) STEP #2 - PUT FUNNY, AWESOME, COOL, DUMB, WEIRD SCREENSHOTS IN THE KT GALLERY FOR ME TO POST AND PROMOTE THE SITE ALL IN ONE PLACE (you will get tagged in your screenshots and maybe followers too if thats something you care about) STEP #3 - LET ME WORK MY SOCIAL MEDIA VOODOO AND GET YOU MORE NOOB TO CAMP (FUCK YEA!!!!!!) THE SOONER THE BETTER, I POST DAILY AND MY KID OR I LIVE STREAM EVERY DAY OR 2 LETS FILL THIS FUCKER UP !!!!!
  3. Devilstar

    Lmfao, what exactly didn't i admit to?.....this falls into the category of "if you don't know shit, don't say shit". they were not raiding anything .. they ran up on me right before i despawned the build i was testing, when i erased it , /remove all didnt despawn the tc inventory with it when erased and they were running off with 75k + hqm 45k metal fragments and over 10k rounds of 5.56. so yea I killed them because ....... A. i wasnt running radar and didnt know whose inventory to check. and B.... i had /erase active...so anything other than a trigger pull would/ could have wiped their character from the server , making their bases and tc's no longer theirs (not an option..right ?), so i bombed them with rockets, took the shit off their corpses and dumped the shit under the map to let it despawn. and when KnightHawk messaged and told me they were bitching, and asked me what happened, I told him exactly that. furthermore, they were around me watching me c4 and rocket my way through the spawned base a good 3 mins before i despawned it . and i only fired rockets at them after they looted the shit and started running away. so you cant really call that "make kos with rockets".
  4. Devilstar

    I've taken a bit more time to think about this. and I think a " admin's can play , but with a different set of rules" stipulation should be in place 1. Admin can play. but not raid ---> we can spawn anything anytime, we don't need to be busting in doors for shit we can automatically spawn 2. No clans/ your own solo clan ----> no buddies, no pressure to admin spawn goodies. 3. Un-stocked bases. ---> build whatever wherever but tc's get refilled every 24h and no excessive loot will be in base, making us less of a target and stopping the need to retaliate if we're raided... rebuilding takes us 15 mins at most... 4. Free for all world pvp ----> when you go out to gank maafakkrs, go with limited ammo and weapons and junk so when we get killed, we dont give the person that capped us a super unfair advantage like 1k ammo, or a 5k stack of hqm or a 100 stack of rockets.. that would not be good. Don't use godmode, fly or invisible 5. Base defense ----> Do whatever, But stock the turrets and traps with limited ammo that way they have a hard time raiding us, but if they do get in and clear , they dont have the ammo to gank and raid the island 100 times over. if anyone can think of anything else to add to this list of reasonable restrictions. Go right ahead. against it for any reason's, speak up.
  5. Devilstar

    Sure, some admins make HQM bases, but the one making them isn't the one complaining about not being allowed to play like everyone else.. is he. I still firmly believe that if you want to be staff. you play on a different server, or play on our other rust server as non admin but since this entire post is more directed at the people that wanna apply for admin but pull out when the hear they can no longer play as they normally do. so, your HQM bases and command logging concerns are more or less irrelevant. personally... I've been here for so long that when we started it was only Knighthawk and I fucking around and I've been admin since before we took this site and the servers live, I've been doing the same shit since day one, and the only people that ever complain, are the ones that try and shoot first when they see a geared guy outside a flashy base. No one ever said shit when i was building epic safe zones and pvp arenas and graffiti parks and anti gravity builds. look at the gallery lol every one of my op builds have been on our servers with active players. maybe if we didn't drop the old rule of no staff under 20, we would have this i wanna play and be admin at the same time issue we're seeing now, but that's just speculation
  6. Devilstar

    Don't really care, I just troll and build lol. as long as nobody is using the item spawning to power raid the server with their clan or group, its fine by me
  7. Devilstar

    Well played sir, outgunned at least 3-4 of them , all noob's cry hacker when their getting their asses handed to them. They ran up on me a few days ago and shot me from behind, when i didn't die they started yellin hacker before they even seen I was an admin in godmode lol.
  8. Devilstar

    Most of you guy's , be like ...v v v v lol
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