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  1. Lmniyek-XD

    I am right now rage from klauz admin.you ban us because of what hack ?.we never use hacks and i know you"re friend Volcano telll you ban us . don"t be noob and he is kid.When someone Pro on serveur get banned is this serveur ?
  2. Lmniyek-XD

    Hi Admins. We start this wipe playing me and my friend.we are team or 5 players we decided to get all meteors some people losing everytimes on pvp vs us and everytime say we are hackers and we are not.admin klauz or i don"t know ban all members of team why? and you don"t any proof and i swear god i nerver use hacks on this game and my friends too.Unban them Names: Abdelilah/lem7rbech-XD/Salah Thanks admin .
  3. Lmniyek-XD

    Make wipe today on night or tommorrow because serveur is dead . and all waiting for wipe we can"t wait tommorrow. Please make wipe 02/1/2019 if you can guys
  4. i was offline with my team.when i connect my base gone i go to the place where i make my base i found nothing only some walls.i sure didint get raided with c4 100 % hacks glitch rocks or i dont know.and when i try to go meteor guy just kill me from 200m headshot with bolt i spawn again i go headshot 250m its impossible shot
  5. I wait The BlackScreen like 20 min it dont respond when i see it was (Oops! the game crashed) Please help
  6. i play normale when i change hurtworld to full screen it load a black screen when i delete it and join again to game again black screen.i try to change place of game and install and new one same problem please help !
  7. Lmniyek-XD

    serveur is dead because 5 max players on serveur please wipe !
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