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  1. Nanobii

    @Geinporem1976 the server just got connection failed again, cant login.
  2. Nanobii

    Well i dont mind though and im done talking with you because no ones gonna beat you.
  3. Nanobii

    @klauz so whats your problem? im not talking to you man im just helping of it and then im not kinda like you mate.
  4. Nanobii

    The Server is fixed guys in hw1. You guys can join now!
  5. Its not a bug.. the server has a technical problem and they are fixing it right now..
  6. I have no idea about this problem you have... You can contact some admins of it.
  7. Nanobii

    Make sure you installed EAC.
  8. Nanobii

    ok man just take your time doing that.
  9. Nanobii

    @klauz dude i dont know you by the way and then i dont ask everytime on it..
  10. Nanobii

    well idk man whats the problem too but i think they are fixing it the cracked client on knights-table..
  11. The server 1 hw is so silent and no ones playing because of the problem in `Steam Auth Ticket Error` especially me i cant login or play. Ive wait like hours and then probably those players maybe they are waiting too. I hope you guys gonna fix it. -Peace
  12. The server lagging so bad its like theres pop up thing on my fps thing like client buffer thing but my ping is ok and my fps. Can you guys fix it the server?
  13. Nanobii

    Can you wipe it right now?
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