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  5. hi i was kill inside a tradepost by player named = Reloaded
  6. NOMADz

    seems like u are a noob in gamelogic system so no need to discuss such things further with u also u r not that big a player so it would be ur funeral
  7. NOMADz

    if u got killed u see playerA Eliminated PlayerB so u can at least mention that guy who u think is a hacker.what was his nickname? also admins can check when they hav time and are online + need some proof
  8. NOMADz

    u can reread what i originally posted, u will understand killing was not reason for hacker suspicion but item loss from chests (healthy and undamaged) was the reason , and as i have said to u also if u are not a hacker u dont need to worry if admins check u. u dont need to explain basic rules because of ur misunderstanding ty enjoy
  9. can u giv me discord code /tag plz 



  10. NOMADz

    some 10 to 20 mins ago someone found and shot at me i got crashed more than once due to bike inv being open and when i relogged saw items from my locked and full hp chest was removed . i dont wana blame many ppl but these were online : vita vitcka or similar name . othmane . oussama. wonderdust. appreciate it if it was checked ,thnx
  11. NOMADz

    I don't understand your second post "if i uploaded... " but it seems u DO use cracked version and NOT legit legal version so you must DOWNLOAD the game from here : https://www.knights-table.net/7dtd-server-info/ scroll down and click DOWNLOAD box in last part named : 7 Days To Die Client Download Mega or clicknuploaded OR Torrent if u have pirated version u need to download knighttable version of the game
  12. NOMADz

    if u use cracked version u MUST download knight table version... seems with other versions like 3dmgame or ali 123 cracked version u cant log on also use steam or steam emulator seems to fix it ALSO seemed for a short time server was down and gave some error idk if THIS error was because of that ....
  13. Some more input about why i decided to put this on vote : a) Some ppl don't care if they die like 50 times in 1 day so they go on a raid get in a big base take items then self kill and spawn at their bed inside their own base with a bag full of loot with only losing "BELT" which they left no item on it by then so no loss but 1+ death and losing some score and wellness... this is why I think drop ALL is really a must in a PVP server like this b) Some teams of raiders Lets say 3 ppl do a coordinated raid without even self killing basically abusing TP or Home command they raid get in 1 stays in their base 2 go in enemy base then when bag is full the 2 uses /tp friend to take loot to base then 1 tp to 3 in enemy base and 3 goes to 2 and a loop of tp in 5 min interval just happens ... so any teleport command be it /home with some 3 hours interval or /tp friend with 5 min interval is basically being abused by raiders. also on pvp if some one is fighting randomly 1 vs 1 friends could tp 10 kms or more across map and could turn into a 10 vs 1 easy which is not how the game was meant to be played ... those are some of my oppinions that i can think of right now but trust me ther are many more ways that tp and no bag drop can and are being abused by ppl it would be an ok idea if it was PVE server but pvp and raids will get command and setting abused just my thoughts happy survivng
  14. VOTE on if DROP all bag + belt should be added and also IF TP to ally and or Teleport to HOME should be removed... hoping to play it the way it was meant to play originally :-)
  15. NOMADz

    Hi if u rrmbr i asked u to put a screenshot about ur error but what i meant was some thing like this that gives more info how to do= press F1 or ~ to bring up console take some scnshots from all the lines and send here so others may help u another example
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