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  1. KingZiv

    Hello. I believe that bases should be very protected when players are offline. One of my problems ive had was, it was impossible for me to enjoy the building aspect of the game, let alone the blood moon base setup due to the fact that a day later it was already destroyed and raided. I even posted signs on my structure saying something like "no loot here" and "bloodmoon base" in hope that people wont just destroy it. I don't know what strength 8 means, but if i can use an auger and use 1000 fuel to get rid of 1 block, that's too easy. Although it sucks getting looted, it even negatively affects those that do like to loot, since barely anyone will ever build above ground anymore. So what im suggesting is, really getting into the inactive block strength to a point of which someone actually might choose not to spend the time to loot/destroy a base.
  2. Hello team. I do not wish to do anything that is unacceptable, but i thought asking wont hurt anyone. I wanted to know if it is possible to play with a friend of mine, only both of us, through your client? I have noticed that there is no dedicated server and some features are missing so i thought you guys might wanna help out? If you find this offensive and dont wanna support this, i could definitely understand. Best regards.
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