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    The server is updated you can find the latest client HERE! Clans Clans have been added to the gamePlayers apply to join clans, clan officers and admins accept or reject applicationsOnline clan members are marked on the map and their nameplates are recolored green and draw at a longer distanceClan totems have been added that work like ownership stakes except entire clans are authorized instead of individual players Amber protection Added amber protection to many items, these items can be protected for a small amber cost so they do not drop on death (the amber drops instead) Customisation (gear) Gear can now be customised with various consumables that can change colors, patterns and item names Fragments Added fragments that can be inserted into items with spare upgrade points to give them extra stat bonuses Customisation (players) Players can now change their base appearance, hair style and facial hair Town events Added town events that start randomly around the map and are marked with a yellow circleControl town events are won by being the only player standing on the capture point until it is fully capturedLoot frenzy events spawn extra loot boxes that have more loot than usual and are marked on the map Meteors Meteor strikes spawn randomly around the map and are marked on the map by colored circles matching the color of the rich resource nodes they spawn Air drops Air drops spawn around the map dropping valuable loot caches, these are not marked on the map so keep your ear out for planes flying overhead Mozzy Added the Mozzy helicopter into the game, these chassis have a rare chance of spawning in towns Heavy slot Added heavy slot items, players can only carry one of these items at a time and will move slower while carrying them. Additionally players cannot enter vehicles while carrying a heavy item or equip gear from the hotbar. Slug Added the Slug truck into the game, they can carry up to six heavy slot items at a time and are useful for transporting them around Overhauled weapon simulation (recoil etc) We've upgraded our weapon simulation to include recoil and contextual bloom that effects the gun differently depending on movement speed and whether or not the player is grounded. Weapons We've rebuilt all the weapons in the game to match the new graphic style and take advantage of our new item system.Most weapons now have attachments that can be swapped out to give the weapon different stats and behaviour (eg. sights, magazines, silencers) New level Diemensland has been replaced with our new level Nullius Map We've added a minimap and compass to the UI as well as a full screen map overlay that can be toggled with the 'M' key by default Territory control Territory control points have been added that can be captured and controlled by clansTerritory control points show their owner on the mapTerritory control points create rare heavy slot resources roughly every 20 hours, if one has spawned and is waiting to be collected this will be indicated on the mapTerritory control points can only be defended with wooden and concrete constructionsAdded Territory C4 which is a cheap to craft C4 that can only be deployed at territory control pointsTerritory control points accumulate clan ranking points which can need to be claimed from the point, these points are then used to rank the clans in the clan roster for bragging rights Jump puzzles Several 'jump puzzles' have been added to the level, these are hard to complete jump tracks for the Kanga motorbike that reward rare materials that can be traded for rare Kanga panels Rare crafters Added crafting machines to major towns that craft vehicle panels and other rare items in return for heavy slot resources and jump puzzle rewards Connection Queue Servers now place players into a queue when they are full (default queue size is 20) Rare creatures Creatures have a chance to spawn as a rare variant with different colors, upgraded stats and rare loot Interaction tabs All nearby interactable items are now listed as tab buttons on the left of the screen when the character window (inventory) is openThe clan window and handcrafting menu are also accessed via these interaction tabs Recycler A recycler machine has been added that can turn spare items back into their original materials (with some loss) Temperature overhaul + thermometer ui ** food buff Biomes now have a consistent day and night temperature rather than constantly blending between the twoHot and cold protection stats now increase your maximum and minimum safe temperatures respectivelyAdded a thermometer ui that displays maximum and minimum safe temperatures as well as the current temperatureBeing well fed (having less than 25% hunger) gives a small buff to temperature protection, eating a cooked steak provides a short buff to temperature protection as well. These buffs stack Bandages Added consumable bandages that are used while standing still and heal the player


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