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    Typical Midas :3 <3
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    ok bye u shit
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    I do not know, they just jump and hit with hatch axe and move so fast. I know there has a glitch to down mountains more fast, but them CLIMB mountains so fast, and I think they have a wall hack too, they knew i'm in my base(they are new) and they make one base in the ARCH in DOME, no one can raid, because is on top, I sow him down this fast without dying before climb my mountain with speed hack.
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    Our host had problems the last 24h it should be resolved by now
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    Do you guys know how to update the Rust client without downloading that whole 8gig Experimental client download file. Thanks in advanced
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    When i try to use your servers for rust it tells me to download the new updated client from www.knights-table.net And i can not figure out what i need to do to update it, please help
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