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  4. tynelsonlee099

    Whats the recent update
  5. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Server is updated to 18.1 today
  6. MrSpoonz

    alpha 18.1 is out any chance of an update
  7. Last week
  8. CplPippy

    rust keeps Crashing to desktop once the loading screen disappears. I've played Rust before on your servers back when the excavator update came out but just recently reinstalled it, so I dont think it's my system.
  9. Cmon why in the hell a new comer needs to wait 10 days to start playing? that's a huge amount of time to wait, can you guys make it 24 hours for me plz? 😙
  10. Earlier
  11. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    I will see what i can do for ya tomorrow no problem ill send you it in a dm here so you can remember it next time Regards
  12. NikElectroBeast

    @♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️ Thanks for the update.......Actually I am new here....so I don't know how it works......Last time I played 7 days to die when it was Alpha 16......😅😅
  13. Sinorox Steamid : 76561198135087548 ive already been on this server once to play with my friend and forgot the auth pass, and no i cant swap steam accounts, as i already have rust
  14. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Only thing you can do is wait untill we have the server ready for cracked version/client. Join discord for info
  15. Hey I just downloaded the game and followed all the steps to play it..............but whenever I click on join game it says connecting to the server but it just stucks there........it is not connecting to the server!!!!😥 My name is = NikElectroBeast23 What should I do??
  16. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Yes we are aware of the problem the server aint cracked yet we are having aome issues on server side. Please be patient its work in progress. Follow us on discord 7days channels for more info and anouncements
  17. LosForelli

    I cant connect either.
  18. wildlotos3

    Alppha 18 (b155) server online,but impossible to enter second day... 0/50 online
  19. Is the server down? After the update i cant seem to connect to the server, it seems to get stuck in the loading screen
  20. MidasTouch

    Alpha 18 (b155)

    The server is updated you can find the latest client HERE! https://7daystodie.com/a18-official-release-notes/
  21. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Uninstall easy anti cheat and try again
  22. SoosMahBeet

    I am trying to download rust with utorrent, and then I extract it using WinRAR. After extracting it, I try to run "Rust.exe" as an admin like it says to do and an Easy Anti-Cheat error pops up saying "Unknown file version -location of file-" How do I fix this?
  23. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    If you are first joining you need to make a password Hit F3 and type auth password (your own pass)😉
  24. server said <auth> password? what is this mean? how can i make my password thru the game? or my password here in the forum will work?
  25. WedgeTailDevil

    Not one reply.. Community dead. sad face emoji
  26. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Thats because the throw out a new update half month to say the haloween weeks so download latest version. And have scary fun
  27. i download the newest verison (v2194_Horse_Equipment) and i can join to knight table servers.. help guys
  28. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Yes we where aware off the problem and we are happy to say it is fixed again. Regards off the kt team
  29. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Hello your account is cleared now enjoy the game

    Hi, I can not connect to server as it says my country has been blocked. I changed name in SteamConfig.ini-; player name-PlayerName = THICCBOI My country is India.
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