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  4. KahunaElGrande

    10 days. Your account needs to be at least 10 days old
  5. Indeed. However what I cannot find information on is how long the wait timer is. I also can't seem to find a search bar on your site, and searching site:https://knights-table.net/ account to new on google yields no meaningful results. I'm not trying to be difficult here, I'm brand new to the server... and the game.
  6. Last week
  7. KahunaElGrande

    Pretty self explanatory
  8. i spawn in, and after a minute or two i am kicked with this error
  9. when i connect the game then appear a option kicked out error RLK mismatch what is problem ? how i fix this problem
  10. Geinporem1976

    Okay will take care of it
  11. MidasTouch

    No, we are always on the latest version which is at the moment v2180
  12. le dinh duc

    Can you tell me server rust 2175 can play or not?
  13. THEtrebolertos

    he still without ban
  14. EuthAnEyEz1675

    Azzaron. i would never accuse someone of hacking unless i was pretty darn sure. he shot me and friend with rocket threw a wall when we tried to counter raid him. there was 0 chance he woulda known exactly where to shoot the high external wall to hit us. then came straight to our base when he didn't know where it was. he is using wall hacks. the other guy im with was streaming on youtube and ill get time stamps to what happend after it uploads.
  15. Earlier
  16. ma3stro

    no i dont have a legit copy...
  17. Geinporem1976

    You have legit copy off rust? The server has no crack atm Because of a error crashing
  18. KahunaElGrande

    Maybe posting the error instead so we can actually fix the issue
  19. Occupay

    IDK what i am supposed to do but i clicked on the invite and did the stuff with the bot but i just get back to the website in short its not working why not post a simple discord invite link ?!?!
  20. Devilstar

    The server is running fine, been playing on it the last 2 days. check that the info your using is correct.
  21. i cant join the 5x modded, i dont know why. steam is running, it says connection attempt failed. Any ideas?
  22. KOJJA

    hey guys plz how can i download hurtworld ! ?
  23. SbrenSbeve

    Cool, Google Drive is working. Not sure about Torrent though.
  24. KahunaElGrande

    Try now
  25. Alizeer

    On the bottom of the page
  26. Alizeer

  27. KahunaElGrande

    Also where you finding your link?
  28. KahunaElGrande

    There is the quick links down at the bottom and the discord widget on the front page
  29. KahunaElGrande

    Drive is updated @MidasTouch just forgot to change the name
  30. Alizeer

    Can you please post an invite link there? It still says invitation has expired for me for some reason
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