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  4. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    What option u cant get acces to Mega Goog drive or Torrent?
  5. i cant download the new version of the rust it says to me. Sorry, you aren't permitted to download this file. how i can download the Rust Client v2211 ?
  6. Last week
  7. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    On special request is the link on discord for media fire 😆for all that like it<:
  8. xander

    Mediafire the only popular download site for IDM
  9. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Sorry to hear you have so many troubles what download site would you prefer so we can take a look at it
  10. xander

    Is there a direct faster download than any of the links? You all know mega has limited bandwidth, google drive i tried bypassing but got limited already due to too many request, the other one needs to be registered which i don't really trust that website, torrent can go over a hundred kbps only, my download speed can go up to 3.5mbps, can anyone give me a better download link please?
  11. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Heey dead shot are you able to join discord kt so i can help ya out further.
  12. Earlier
  13. spartanac

    hi i didnt logged in like for 1year maybe and now i dont remember my password can u do someothing about that? my name is DeadShot
  14. Why have I been muted on the server 3? There’s really enough of your plugins that screw up or admin that abuse their rights! Muted, remove all entities without reason, etc... Don’t be surprised that your servers remain empty!!! At each wipe, after a few days, without reason plugin bug, removes base, mute random players, etc... REMOVE your PURGE plugins, and others, which manages your servers. Last night I could talk in chat and use plugins, tp, etc... And tonight nothing more. You have a plugin that blocked access to the server for 2-3 months. Now you have (again) this mute problem - remove entity, random on your server. We were 3 people playing regularly and there they all left because of it.
  15. abdelwhab

    i just download this version and i cant open v1 client from it
  16. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Same fo me that you post on knights table the server your banned on isnt knights table. There for we cant help you with your apeal find the right community to apeal. Regards
  17. [CRO]TraxPvP

    why im banned for no reason i dont understand... nick [Cro]TraxPvP
  18. finley1241

    I just installed the latest client and once i get into the game and try to connect to the server it says i need to install from the latest client at the website.
  19. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    server is back online problem fixed!
  20. klasik

    How is going?
  21. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Sorry you guys didnt get a mssg here on forum i did how ever send a mssg announcement in discord. Due to a server crash a server file went to default. We hope to have it fixed soon.
  22. CukruKostka

    Hello, what happens to the server that it has been turned off for several hours ?? Zero information for players what happened.
  23. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Hello,well your correct on a18.2 on server When did you down load your last version because update was about a week ago
  24. I downloaded Alpha 18.1 from there, and server says that it is running on Alpha 18.2
  25. BlueMoon

    Como entro al server de rust me pide una contraseña y pongo la de este foro y no entra :C As I enter the rust server, he asks me for a password and I put the one on this forum and he doesn't enter: C
  26. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    No vpn isnt alowed send us your name and steam and we can white list you.
  27. Roronoa Zoro

    can i play on rust servers from Egypt ? or i need a Vpn ?
  28. EkuLifes

    I cant find servers ip adresses
  29. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    You have to dowload the complete client again there is no updater for it only the updated client.
  30. Majed

    I am not sure But the Cracked versions may be counted as Viruses so It will be Blocked You might need to Disable your AntiVirus and Windows Defender Realtime protection. Try using Torrent or Directly Download it from google. And if you want the cracked version the one that Knights table use. you will need a steam Account that Is been Created for More than 10 Days and go to this Link Once you Have downloaded it. Create a new Folder in your desktop and Name it "Rust" and once that is Done Open the RustClient.exe and Once It opens Press "F1" and it will Directly Connect you to the server
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