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  5. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Good day first this is report section Second the answer is simple go to the rust page hit the down load you like to use and get the latest client.
  6. Rabbit10110

    disconnected: download the new update client from www.knights-table.net This message comes up now every time I try log into Vanilla. Any help will be much appreciated.
  7. MidasTouch

    Yes buy it on steam Besides that the last update on steam was around 5.9GB and the lattest zipped client is around 6GB so its pretty much the same download.
  8. CMS

    Its any whey to update the client ? and to dont download for every update 10gb again and again and again ?
  9. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

  10. Strumful

    Well ,hello there,i just joined here ,downloaded 7 days to die and when i wanted to join the server to play , I got a message saying im banned till 24/07/2029 reason:"Your country has been blocked on this server." Is nothing i can do ?
  11. I was in so many Servers and the most are infected by hackers and rock Glitches... some Admins also discover your base and send friends for raid. Others are never online and you get just killed... No pvp no real fights just dying.
  12. Earlier
  13. KahunaElGrande

    Launch the correct exe and problem solved.
  14. Hello guys ! if i start the Rust.exe im getting this error: \KnightsTable_Rust_v2190_Transport_Helicopter_Update}GameAssembly.dll
  15. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    where u fixed up already?
  16. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    Send me a pm in forum or in discord with your steam id
  17. ma3stro

    Really?? Anyone??
  18. ma3stro

    admins, can i have auth reset please? Forgot my pass...

    hello, how can i recover my password? i forgot my password.. Help, steam id is 76561198065338720
  20. KahunaElGrande

  21. zaigihserrano

    what should i download
  22. MidasTouch

  23. MidasTouch

    v2190 [Transport Helicopter Update]

    Server is updated to v2190 [Transport Helicopter Update] For the official development blog click HERE. Unity 2019.2.0f1 Players are automatically authed to placed cupboards Benchmark mode fixes Added powerline wires to Monument Puzzles Added an in-game Screen options menu for resolution, fullscreen and vsync settings Client is now using IL2CPP instead of Mono Server is available as IL2CPP version on the "release-il2cpp" branch World generation is now server authoritative (faster load times, more robust) Added doppler shift to some sounds Added texture streaming Added Transport Helicopter Added Horse Leading Added Fuel Generator Fixed steam refresh overlay not closing after opening bag Fixed possible exception when retrieving market prices ServerInfo will retry multiple times if failed to get info ServerInfo will fail gracefully if failed to get info after multiple attempts Fixed titles getting cut off in pie menu Fixed loading screen cancel button being 1 pixel smaller than the bar to its left Fixed steam friend inconsistencies Fixed unexpected palm trees behavior when helicopters would fly over Player map position now updates correctly when injured Fixed erratic map scrolling when using the left mouse button to drag Hotspot visuals now get cleaned up correctly when ent-killing Disabling the UI no longer allows you to see through smoke effects Can no longer spam drink back to full health Completing a tutorial achievement will no longer mark the whole tutorial as complete temporarily Fixed item icon staying on screen if inventory is closed while dragging Fixed High External Gates not playing SFX correctly Fixed compound sometimes spawning underwater Fixed exploit using water projectile penetration Fixed snapback issues when dismounting while moving fast Fixed swimming slightly under the waves not showing underwater properly Fixed crashes on AMD Phenom Fixed swamp fog too bright at night Fixed lighting on some particles (e.g. helicopter damage smoke) Fixed NRE on ent kill cargo ship Game log is written to output_log.txt in the game install folder again Fixed deflated HAB having inflated collision and wrecking minicopters Fixed rendering TopBunnies UI element all the time Optimized Notices UI layout Neatened up Notices UI Tweaked "new content" label on main menu The map now re-focuses on the player's position when injured The console input field now auto-focuses when opening or changing tabs. Max value of gc.buffer is now 4096 instead of 2048 Log warning when doing emergency garbage collection Enabled crunch texture compression on workshop skin bundles Performance text no longer updates when nothing changed (avoids GC) Performance text always prints GC counter for one second after GC runs Simplified "perf" convar (1=FPS, 2=frame time, 3=memory, 4=ping, 5=everything) Debug Camera: R resets the camera Debug Camera: Q/E move the camera vertically Debug Camera: Z/C and +/- control zoom Debug Camera: Arrow keys control roll Debug Camera: Disabled inventory and crafting menus when in debug camera Debug Camera: Disabled vehicle controls when in debug camera Debug Camera: Disabled noclip control when in debug camera Debug Camera: Added debugcamera_save and debugcamera_load (multiple save names are supported) Debug Camera: Added debugcamera_autosave and debugcamera_autoload Debug Camera: Added camzoomlerp (likecamlerp but for zoom) Small maps have large monuments again (excluding launch site and excavator) Updated NPC helicopter sounds Reduced texture memory footprint (by ~1 GB) via texture streaming Reduced mesh memory footprint (by ~700 MB) via model optimizations Improved TSSAA and motion blur quality on vegetation and cloth affected by wind Optimized high-quality shadow mode = 2, now 25% faster Added new very-high-quality shadow mode = 3 Pressure pads can now be hidden under rugs Pressure pads generate a small amount of electricity when stepped on Grenades have a more predictable landing position F1 grenades have a fuse length of 3 instead of 3.5 Rocket Launcher need T2 WB( Instead of T3 ) HV Rockets need T2 WB( Instead of T3 ) Autoturrets never miss more than 3 shots in a row Autoturrets now make use of the electricity system Removed Vulkan graphics API [*] Removed Linux client
  24. zaigihserrano

    hi can some one help me. i"m new in rust me and my friends. help me how to update my rust?
  25. ♥️ Geinporem1976 ♥️

    I have send you a personal mssg stan Please read and answer there
  26. Stan57

    Just "LOL".... look at the log on the server and ask your admin who acted! I am not a beginner. I had enough to last 300 days on my TC. And everything was destroyed, even the small base with the turret all around the base, there is nothing left!! It is an admin that removed my base or a cheater that removed everything. A full HQ base does not disappear in 24h... I am the only player active on the server this month, I have been present for 2-3 months (watch battlemetric) It’s really nice aps what the admin did, even at the end of wipe it doesn’t happen!
  27. KahunaElGrande

    You also need to make sure your TC have materials to maintain upkeep.
  28. Hello I wanted to know why my base was remove?! I have no more walls, nor anything... While I had several TC with turrets inside, outside, etc... (see screen).
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