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DevBlog 201 v2094 [The Puzzle Update]



Server and client are updated to Devblog 201!
You can find the latest client download as usual HERE!
For the official development blog click HERE.
  • Monuments Puzzles
  • Added custom map support via levelurl server startup parameter
  • Added Savas offshore junkpiles and dive sites
  • Compound extra exit routes
  • Upgraded to Unity 2018.1
  • Upgraded to .NET 4.x
  • Increased despawn timer on gunpowder
  • Increased despawn timer on sulfur
  • Options Menu max gibs now 2000 down from 10000
  • Updated Diving mask, fins and tank with proper art
  • Spas 12 does 20% more damage
  • Hostile timer increased to 30min instead of 10
  • Overpriced Blue Keycard available at compound
  • Optimized Ambient Occlusion now 2x faster
  • Improved High Quality shadows; now softer in TSSAA mode
  • Improved terrain texturing quality at mid-far distances
  • Fixed grenades going through walls at monuments
  • Removed tiling texture from hoodie (unwanted effect on skins)
  • Fixed console command exploit to see through walls
  • Fixed weapon skins overriding clothing skins on viewmodels
  • Fixed diving tank error when selling in VM
  • Fixed chair exploit to move through walls
  • Fixed divesites despawning too quickly


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