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DevBlog 199 v2081 [Vehicle Update]



Server and client are updated to Devblog 199!
You can find the latest client download as usual HERE!
For the official development blog click HERE.
  • Added Powered rowboat vehicle
  • Added Chinook Event
  • Multiple seats in vehicles
  • Added lakeside forests
  • Added Birch, Oak and Beech trees
  • Added projectile pooling (gunfight performance)
  • Bullets now impact water
  • Added server asset warmup (performance hiccups)
  • New client side entity parenting (performance, vehicle support)
  • Added triangular conditional wall models
  • Junkpile Scientists
  • Hapis - Added Junkyard monument
  • Hapis - Added Outpost B3 small monument
  • Hapis - Added sewer branch monument
  • Hapis - Added Collapsed Tunnel small monument
  • Hapis - Mining outpost
  • Added vehicle spawns to Savas KOTH
  • Added horse meat (needs icons)
  • vehicle_flipy and vehicle_sensitivity convars (unused)
  • Hair Cap system
  • Head and Facial hair styles
  • Player Corpses float on water
  • Variable wind animation
  • Added floating offshore junkpiles
  • Updated ingame map to be more detailed
  • Map coords swapped so that the letter is horizontal
  • Eye Adaptation and LUTs updated
  • Tweaks to dynamic grass and terrain splat colours to align
  • Re-added display of decals on static furnace, mining quarry, pumpjack & small refinery
  • Changes to ocean and river reflectivity to be more physically accurate
  • Caves Spikes Trap nerfed
  • Major network interpolation & extrapolation improvements
  • Updated EAC
  • Stripped server schema refresh (performance hiccups)
  • Significantly improved shading on new foliage
  • Increased overall forest sizes
  • Big mix pass over most of the sounds in game
  • Spawning scientists are invulnerable until activated
  • Scientist reaction time goes up when they get hit
  • Hapis - Updated Site A and B tunnels
  • Hapis - 8 new cave and tunnels
  • Hapis - updated roads
  • Hapis - Updated site b tunnels to have radiation
  • Updated Savas KOTH loot table with all recently added items
  • AK47 has more hip aimcone
  • Water reflections
  • Temporal anti-aliasing
  • Pubic, Armpit and Eyebrow hair
  • AK47 has more difficult recoil
  • Added 4 HQM to SAR cost
  • Removed most Junk from Airdrops + Elite Crates
  • TShirt/LongShirt additional radiation protection
  • Reduced SAP HQM cost by 4
  • Heavy Plate Armor slightly less movement speed reduction
  • Heavy Plate Armor cost Halved
  • HV Rockets cost slightly more than 1/4 that of regular rockets
  • HV Rockets do 1/4 damage of regular rockets
  • Reduced longsword cost
  • Reduced rocket launcher cost
  • Rocket lancher has increased durability
  • You can now research and craft Binoculars
  • CCTV + Targeting Computer are stackable to 64
  • Hide armor costs halved
  • SMGs HQM cost halved
  • TShirt/LongShirt costs reduced
  • TShirt/LongShirt research cost now 20
  • Fixed gather amounts being inaccurate on HUD
  • Fixed NPCs showing in the report list
  • Fixed main menu only showing one friend
  • Fixed hitching when opening map
  • Fixed that servers needed a restart before newly released skins could be used
  • Fixed health bars not updating when buildings are repaired via upkeep
  • Fixed being able to walk far away while looting
  • Fixed ore bonus nodes doing pointless position update ticks
  • Fixed field rocks sometimes overlapping monuments
  • Fixed some floating rocks near monuments
  • Fixed sometimes falling through terrain near monuments
  • Fixed rare world checksum mismatch on certain seeds
  • Fixed exploits to dive underneath terrain
  • Fixed some rock terrain adjustments having reverted
  • Fixed skin selection icons not refreshing until clicked
  • Junkpile scientists no longer hover above ground
  • Hapis - Fixed some out of bounds exploits
  • Hapis - Fixed junkpile spawns on cliff edges
  • Fixed gap in Garage door which allowed traps to be trigged through
  • Fixed blueprint read not using master sound
  • Fixed flame turret been trigger through walls
  • Pubic hair clipping through clothing
  • Broken wrists on some clothing items
  • Placement guides not showing underwater looking from above
  • Z-fighting in stomped grass when grass displacement is enabled
  • Particle shadowing inside caves and interiors
  • Argument exception in motion blur
  • Number overflow in occlusion culling
  • Null reference exception in MaterialColorLerp
  • River UV stretching in direction of flow
  • Crash in terrain texturing initialization
  • Fixed skin shading when in shadow
  • Foliage biome tinting
  • Fixed Chainsaw chain direction
  • Fixed garage door culling at short range when gfx settings low
  • Fixed thrown objs impacting vehicle they were thrown from
  • Removed workshop vote counts (Valve doesn't send them anymore)


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