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v0.3.8.9 + v0.5.4.0



The servers are updated you can find the latest client HERE!
You can read more about the update HERE!
Experimental Changelog
  • Mangatang map update
  • Rebuilt a large part of the low level network engine to open the doors for some heavy optimizations. See dev blog for details.
  • Added network traffic profiler (startnetworkprofiler / stopnetworkprofiler) for admins
  • Added rare creature variants of each creature type. These have a ~1% chance of spawning in place of a regular creature
  • Added creature mask items as rare drops from rare creature variants
  • Removed vehicle engine tiers (Just one engine per type now. No weak, standard, powerful versions)
  • Vehicle engines can now be upgraded with engine fragments
  • Item Colorer is now stackable and cannot be amber protected
  • Fixed several spawn mutators that were breaking client / server determinism
  • Added SpawnMutatorCreatureHearing for adjusting creature hearing sensitivity
  • SpawnMutatorCreatureHealth now correctly sets health reset value
  • Item namer max stack size reduced (255 -> 10) and can no longer be amber protected
  • Wood Workbench now has the correct return item on disassembly
  • Increased Iron Tipped Spear pve and pvp damage (30 -> 31)
  • Increased Improvised Bow pve damage (20 -> 30)
  • Reduced Recurve Bow pve damage (70 -> 50)
  • Reduced Fibreglass Recurve Bow pve damage (90 -> 70)
  • Adjusted normalized health on creatures (affects scaled pve damage)
  • Removed Bow Snare Fragment
  • Added Fibreglass Recurve Bow to Iron Workbench
  • Added spray can visualisation and mask preview to item mask consumables
  • Fixed an issue where item masks were not considered in icon uniqueness calculation
  • Fixed an issue where Yetis and Sasquatches could spawn with multiple horns
  • Item masks are no longer amber protectable
  • Reduced drop rates for item masks, item namers and item colorers
  • Item coloring window now has manual controls for preview rotation and zoom
  • Fixed incorrect name key on AR stock cache item
  • Fixed scale of AR15 and AWM world items
  • Updated AR15 icon poses
  • Removed Melee Move Speed Fragment
  • Increased upgrade point cost of Gear Move Speed Fragment (1 -> 3)
  • Increased heat and radiation protection on respective gear fragments (1 -> 5)
  • Fixed an issue where overheating would stop at 60%
  • Increased heat levels during day time in the sand dunes biome
  • Made sand dunes and red desert biomes cooler during night time
  • Toned down a lot of steep hills
Legacy Changelog
  • Removed bakenavmesh command which was being used as an exploit.


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