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v0.3.8.9 + v0.4.8.3



The servers are updated you can find the latest client HERE!
You can read more about the update HERE!
Experimental Changelog
  • Added airdrops that spawn all over the map and drop valuable packages of weapons and gear
  • Added meteor strikes that spawn rare resources, incoming and active meteor strikes will be displayed on the map, WARNING: meteor strikes can damage bases!
  • Added craftable vehicle air drop beacons to spawn a vehicle via air drop
  • Heavy slot type items have been added to the game, the player can only carry one heavy slot item at a time and is slowed down and cannot use other items while carrying a heavy item
  • Slug vehicles have been added to the game, they are a large heavy truck designed for transporting heavy slot items
  • Vehicles now have health and can be destroyed, vehicle health can be viewed in vehicle ui window
  • Vehicle repair wrench has been added for healing vehicles
  • Vehicle handling has been overhauled, vehicle weight plays a much greater factor as does engine power, the Kanga is easier to handle at low speeds
  • Vehicles will now accelerate at different rates based on the material type they are contacting (eg. snow, dirt, stone etc.)
  • Added a new crafting ui for items that have several different recipes (eg. arrows)
  • Biome based building restrictions have been removed
  • Weather systems have been re-enabled
  • Female player customisation options have been added
  • Gear stat progression has been flattened out, there are 2 tiers of workbench now (down from 4)
  • Vehicle wheels can be shot off again
  • A player vision cone has been added to the map for when the players line of sight diverges from the direction they are facing
  • Inventories now stack column first for easier management
  • Raid drills now create a nobuild zone similar to C4
  • C4 no longer contributes to machine build limit
  • Improved chat window message handling
  • Increased ladder climb speed
  • Shotguns can no longer be fired without having a shell chambered
  • Fixed a bug that would scale down some weapons while crouching and aiming down sights
  • Added option to have the aim down sights action work as a toggle rather than something that needs to be held 'Toggle Sights'
  • Fixed bugs with third person construction placement validation
  • Added camera shake to explosions
  • Fixed a bug where players in an attachable vehicle seat wouldn't be entered into the seat properly when initially loading them
  • Fixed a bug where multiple player entities could be spawned for a single player
  • Fixed several issues with vehicle lights not tearing down properly
  • Vehicles no longer show hit markers when shot
  • Fixed an issue where the skybox was not being rendered into the reflection map
  • Fixed several memory leak issues
  • Server memory usage improved
Legacy Changelog
  • Removed bakenavmesh command which was being used as an exploit.


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